Variations of custom manufacturing


We offer our products in large quantity of variants and we are able to work out individual too.

You can design own pencil in our configuration.



pastel: 3,2 mm diameter leads in 24 colour tones

graphite: leads of 5 stepped gradation are used


1 3B
2 B
2,5 HB
3 F
4 2H



for products with coloured surface (lacquer) - eastern white pine

for products with natural surface (natural) - linden, American cedar



Long pencils and coloured pencils - 175 mm, with rubber - 185 mm


Short pencils and coloured pencils - 85 mm, with rubber - 100 mm



Round:  diametr 7,5 mm

Hexagonal :  Profil OK 7 (OK = the opening of wrench indicates diameter of inscribing circle in mm)

Triangular :  TR 7 (the diameter of circumscribing circle 7,62 mm)

Carpenter:  the oval cross 12,2 x 8,3 mm



non-lacquered - natural:

- surface with visible wood grain , without surface treatment

lacquered with synthetic paints

- surfaces of coloured pencils and pencils are coated 6-8 times with paint and finally finished with two layers of transparent lacquer




- It is done with metalembossing die through stamping foil.

-  It´s one coloured. It´s possible to use the printing on one - side and on more - sides.

- It´s can be used for printing the marks on all kinds of products.


These maximum sizes:

hexagonal pencils: 2,9 mm
rund pencils: 4,5 mm
triangular pencils: 4,5 mm
carpenter pencils: 7,0 mm


Screen printing

- It´s used for printing round pencils.

- It is possible to print the whole circumference of pencil.

-The paints should be choosen according to Pantone pallet or HKS.

These maximum sizes:

- one-coloured printing- 20 mm

- multicoloured printing - 19 mm


Dabber printing:

- It´s used for printing triangular, hexagonal and carpenter pencils.

- we can print two-coloured on one side of the pencil.

The paints should be choosen according to Pantone pallet or HKS.


These maximum sizes:

- triagular pencils- on one side 6 mm

- carpenter pencils- on one side 9 mm





The pencils are sharpened in the angle 24 degees.


Unsharpened pencils are cleaned cut both ends.




There is a ferrules with coloured eraser on the end of pencil.

Color design by our konfiguration.



 The end of a pencil is dipped into the desired color shade

- dipped seal - it´s dipping only end of a pencil (usually in a same color as the lacquer pencil)

- dipped end- it´s dipping end od a pencil in a certain length (e.g. 15 mm)

You can chosse color tones from several standard color- see the configuration.




- short- 2 gross (288 pcs.)

-long- 1 gross (144 pcs)


Coloured pencils:

- bulk- Packing as pencils

- sets-We use the transparent opp pack or paper box.

we can print paper box by your own graphics in one to four colours.

It´s also possibility to use the packing into no - marking bowes made from white cardboards.


The coloured pencils and pencils packing in inner boxes are given in the export carton made from corrugated mill - board